Mind Your Mannerisms

by Oh Geronimo

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Nathan Spadafora
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Nathan Spadafora Ciaran is a cool dude.

Justin is too I guess. Favorite track: Forgotten Virtues.
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The songs here would never have become what they are without the help of many dedicated people. We would not be in such a fortunate position without the encouragement of our friends as well as those who have become our friends in the process. We have been lucky enough to share a stage with many unique bands - The Baxters, Big Lonely, The Freemason, The Good Fridays, Mining The Sun, The Noble Truths, OL' CD, RLMDL, Sweet and Lowdown and Texas King. We feel grateful towards all of the these people, as well as to our families, and to everyone who has been to one of our shows. This EP was the culmination of a year's recordings, broken up by the summer and many things can happen in a year...but to everyone who has been a part of our lives during these times, thank you.


released December 1, 2012

Recorded at Fanshawe College in the winter of 2011 and autumn of 2012
Recorded and Mixed by Ciarán Downes, Andrew Donofrio and Phil Spina
Mastered by Quinton Strutt
Artwork by Kelly Samuel, Amanda Groover and Kyle Robertson



all rights reserved


Oh Geronimo Toronto, Ontario


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Track Name: Five Deep Breaths
I still can't outgrow
that familiar scene where we swing to and fro,
and the chains force a gleam from dim light off the snow.
It seems you're the easiest read I think I've ever known
to be but how can you see with your head hanging low?

So a partial grin makes you mellow
why complicate?
I wait while you take five deep breaths to reset your brain.

And my heart has sunk
deep in this glass full with poisonous fun,
so if I drink about half, does it mean we're still done?
now that we'll never bounce back to admitting our wrongs.
Our bitter cast binds burnt to ash from our fights left undone,
in our old house we had to now separate sons.
I tried to laugh but the emptiness won.

So you seem uneasy and troubled:
A homesick haze.
I wait while you take five deep breaths to reset your brain.

So I sat future me down,
and with a noticeable frown he said
Track Name: Forgotten Virtues
I held it to the light,
words scratched on paper,
carelessly scribbled down.
For no one's eyes but mine,
an outdated letter.
I realized it was time
to add to its record.

Sad goodbyes from ancestors the same
will swell your eyes but all for the better.
Time will put out the fire that makes them sting.
It snuffs the sorrowful past holding you together.

But it's all gone,
There are just streams of thought
to distract me from all of this disarray.
I'll start looking for things to bring up in conversation.

With family old and new,
I won't be bothered.
These days I'm bitter.
My mind is morning dew
on fields of December.
The year is ending soon,
my conscience more tender.

So toast to virtues forgotten by this age,
and remember them in everyday decisions.
I've noticed how our tapestries are frayed,
but I also think we could mend them with some precision.

It's not so bad.

But I'm too young to feel this down.
Well just cause you smoke and drink
doesn't mean you should think like a married man.
I'll stop looking for things to bring up in conversation.

Your message is sent by small movements, sunk below our words
they anchor our conversations.
Track Name: NorthBound
You walked around downtown,
to try to clear your head from the haze.
You wondered with a frown "Why aren't we horsing around?"
and "What should I be doing with my days?"

You stumbled off across the downs,
when a bank of fog came rolling in with haste.
How unknowingly you found a stranger's wallet on the ground-

Leather tattered and open to small faces,
always under ceilings with cracks to confide in.
With doubt drifting outwards
to foreign places.

Man, when I taught you how to cast
I cowered as your hook went whipping past.
We portaged and paddled that day,
sent small swirls away
with questions we cautiously asked.

You hopped a train northbound
to where the winter sun hides her face.
Stare up from the ground,
stark indifference all around,
but we're told head down, gain renown
you know better than horsing around.
Track Name: I'm The Ground
The night is sending an inviting call to you
because the trees are dying to find what made them so small, and who.
I wondered why my eyes could lie so easily to all of you.

There's plenty to think about:
The fields feel the drought,
the grass turns into hay.

The clouds hang heavily over your head,
you know, they'll start to pour as soon as your ambitions get ahead,
although, maybe you owe it to the land you selfishly misled.

There's plenty more to think about:
The fields feel the drought,
the grass turns into hay.

You're giving off a contagious array of relentless tries,
but maybe you should take some time away
from reaching so high.
You'll prove them wrong in time some other day,
just take this in stride.
I never thought you'd make me want to stay
and stare with sad eyes.

Lying there for countless days on end,
it's me who's talking to dirt to pretend
that I'm the ground telling someone to stand,
I'm the ground who lends a lousy hand.