The Flood 7"

by Oh Geronimo

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Backstory on 'The Flood', from Ciarán Downes: Not too long ago, my basement bedroom flooded as a result of heavy rainfall and snowmelt. This happened twice during the transitional turmoil between Ontario's sombre winter and damp spring. It had a much more tragic and lasting effect than I anticipated, since many sentimental items were slowly destroyed by mould. We drew inspiration from these events and their wake.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to our friends and family for your continued support and tolerance. It does not go unnoticed. A special thanks to the following individuals for their contribution in making this endeavour a reality: Simon Larochette, Andy Bragg, Neil Shukla, Amanda Groover, Laura Forbes, Taylor Lucas, Travis Welowszky and Winston the Egyptian Mau.


released July 7, 2015

Oh Geronimo is:

Andrew Donofrio
Ciarán Downes
Drew Mattiacci
Stuart Mitchell
Cole Mortillaro
Kyle Robertson

Recorded and Mixed by: Simon Larochette at The Sugar Shack in London, Ontario.

Produced by: Oh Geronimo and Simon Larochette

Mastered by: Harris Newman at Grey Market Mastering in Montréal, Québec

Artwork by: Amanda Groover



all rights reserved


Oh Geronimo Toronto, Ontario


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Track Name: The Flood
Gently tapping to the sound of
rain flooding in my bedroom from the
defective routing of our eavestrough.
I’m gently tapping to the sound of rain.

I splash from my bedside to the door,
and as I tumble, I grasp at what I’ve hung on the wall:
My pieces of motivation torn to the ground,
they drift off to the edge of my basement sea.

Truly shaking at the sight of
rain quickly rising above my knees.
I stop to think of all I hold close,
I’m gently tapping to the sound of rain.

I take all the time I need to catch my breath.
It’s strange, but I haven’t felt this in touch with the world.
What happened to the days when everything seemed new?
Maybe we should let the flood run its course and see us through.

I guess it takes disaster for me to see
everything I should and shouldn’t be.
If I pay no mind to the water that’s surrounding me,
this is probably the happiest I’ve been.

I’ll be barely finding chances to breathe,
rain washing over like a bad dream.
I won’t be making it back this time,
I’m gently tapping to the sound of rain.
Track Name: Waves (The Flood Pt. 2)
Every night gets colder than the last
and the wood is rotting faster than the ropes we used to craft
this metaphoric raft.
With water on the rise, I could read it in your eyes;
We can’t escape this impending capsize.

And the waves are rolling over.
And the waves pull us under.

Well, you said I would float when you let go of me,
but those words were anchors chained upon my feet,
and now my lungs fill up
with endless liquid irony.

And the waves are rolling over.
And the waves pull us under.

Well, I never really talk about love
‘cause it’s never really been consistent enough,
but let me tell you, it’s an ocean,
I try to keep my head above.